The overthinking abode

Contradicting and Complicating Truths.

Freedom Train

Freedom comes in different ways. For me its travelling and exploring different humans within one-self by meeting different souls.

My Pen Name…

I hadn’t written much recently. What I did write before I wrote it using a pen name. I was always conflicted about what people would think of me, what would I be then, what would I be perceived as. The doubts and most of all the way you assume you would be judged, these lengthyContinue reading “My Pen Name…”

Conflicting ‘us’

He has all the qualities of a bad guy in flow with the good one. He is like the enamour she ever had. He is the warmth of the day, smiles enough to be drug of addiction. His talk untangling the turmoil in her brain, sweet enough to match the sourness of the hectic routine.Continue reading “Conflicting ‘us’”


The word love seems like a synonym to your name. Each moment of falling, I feel you holding me, supporting me and most of all loving me. Falling in love with you is like exploring the depth of the ocean. Diving in your ocean filled with love, exploring the dark sides and the rays peekingContinue reading “Undefined”

Trek for Soul

The places we go to in our day-to-day life are part of us. It’s a habit. We don’t hold it to significance until and unless it’s not there anymore. But the one we go to once; those places hold memories that can’t be forgotten. That place significance is not only of the memory of theContinue reading “Trek for Soul”


In the light of Mental health, few questions that pop in the fast life are given here. It may not be the same for everyone. But if you do relate then, don’t forget to read last few things. ””Can I write without the pain. Is it true that pain stimulates the other five senses toContinue reading “QUESTIONS UNHEARD”


Can you look at her? History says she is capable of doing it, Time says she will do it. Her body shivering in pain, sweat drenching her baby hairs. Her eyes wants to shut down, while the beating heart wants to be awake. For the heart beats to witness the event. Tears running from herContinue reading “UNTITLED HERO”


Our glance is uncontemporaneous. We look at each other in an asynchronous manner… A manner in which we both know we want it to be asynchronous. We both know we cannot look each other in the eye For the eyes can break the walls we have built, raise a tsunami of feelings, and worst ofContinue reading “THE UNMATCHED”

‘Shame’ [Part 1]

[POV of the book –Shame, Salman Rushdie] [Till page 40] Shame is a weird word in its own way. Salman Rushdie, a very creative and knowledgeable writer with unique sense of metaphorical discoveries has described it as an ultimate turn off to any mankind. Enclosed outlook of three mothers of the world is quite refreshingContinue reading “‘Shame’ [Part 1]”

Dear mirror me,

Better to take a step forward than backwards. For, you’ll be atleast moving with the journey than being struck alone in the island of self doubt. MYRA


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